Therapy and You

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Firstly, I want to honour your courage…recognising and working with emotional difficulty takes strength and resolve.

You may be new to counselling and psychotherapy or may be familiar with therapy and looking for a new therapist and/or a different way of working.

I work with couples, adults, older people, end of life, young people. We may work primarily with talking or facilitated by exercises, a variety of approaches are sometimes what is most helpful.

During your sessions, you’ll be encouraged to express your feelings and emotions at your own pace and to the depth that you choose. It can be a great relief to share your worries and fears with someone who acknowledges you fully. The emphasis is on giving you quality listening and building our relationship. By discussing your concerns with you, I will help you gain a better understanding of your feelings and thought processes. I may suggest exercises or approaches which may help, as well as helping you identify ways of finding your own solutions to problems.

How long the therapy process lasts will become clear as we go along as every situation is different and, whilst I may make recommendations, is completely up to you. We would normally commit to six sessions after the first meeting and then review together. It generally takes time to build trust and a working alliance, but sometimes a lot can be accomplished in a few sessions and this is enough. More often it becomes clear that a longer period will be most beneficial and often we begin therapy with a longer term commitment in mind.

I offer a warm and friendly approach and will regularly review work with you to ensure you are getting what you need.

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