Testimonials and Reviews

Ruth Jenni Counselling and Psychotherapy Testimonials and Reviews

Kim 02 Jan 2024

Ruth counselled me through a particular bad episode where I was grieving the life that I had always imagined and wanted. Ruth gave me the tools to navigate through this grief in order to give my life purpose again. Thank you Ruth!

George 18 Dec 2023

In my first session with Ruth, I described myself as a simmering pot of boiling water, ready to blow at any moment. I’d had a very traumatising few months within my work and personal life. I was struggling to cope with everything and felt incredibly overwhelmed. With Ruth, we worked on everything from my recent experiences to things in my past. I came away from our sessions with a much better understanding of myself, my own feelings, the feelings of others and how to navigate situations that I had been struggling with. Very grateful for the sessions I had with Ruth and would recommend to all.

 27 Jun 2023

I did therapy with Ruth for a number of years, and it was incredibly helpful.

I found therapy to be a very safe place, where I could freely explore some potentially difficult things, all while feeling held and understood.

Ruth provided me with practical skills for approaching unhelpful thought cycles, and showed me how to approach challenges while being a lot more gentle with myself.

Kayleigh 27 Jun 2023

Ruth worked with my daughter age 15-16 on her anxiety, ocd and general stress/mood swings. She gave my daughter confidence, reassurance and skills to use when things are getting too much. The difference after each session was noticeable. My daughter managed to get through her gcse’s with very little stress or anxiety. After just 15 months of working with Ruth my daughter feels ready to move away from therapy and be confident in herself to use the techniques she has been taught for the future. We would both like to thank Ruth and would highly recommend her to others.

Lara 27 Jun 2023

As a counsellor myself, I needed to find a therapist who was not only experienced and knowledgeable, but who could also give me the safe therapy space to bring and explore my deep rooted vulnerabilities and fears without being judged. Ruth gave me that wholeheartedly, she has an incredible depth of understanding and empathy that enabled me to feel held and supported. She helped me to feel less anxious, to calm my nervous system and to grow in confidence and to trust and value myself for who I am.

Martin 21 Jun 2023

When I first started to see Ruth I was experiencing quite high levels of anxiety and was struggling to cope with them. Ruth approach I felt was highly innovative and the discussions around the brain and how it reacts I found extremely helpful along with some techniques to manage anxiety.

Overall I am now dealing with the whole problem in a much more positive way and and am able to deal with anxious situations well with a much better outcome

Harri 19 Jun 2023

When I first met Ruth, I was dealing with severe life overwhelm after a period of adversity. She helped guide my nervous system back into feeling safe and grounded and Ruth’s gentle manner was perfect for how I was feeling. After that we worked together to dive into some issues I’d been struggling with and Ruth held space for me with wisdom, care and compassion. I highly recommend Ruth’s work and insights. I hope to work with her again.

Couples Therapy 18 Jun 2023

Without Ruth, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Seeking help at breaking point, Ruth helped us work through various issues methodically, both individually and as a couple, and gave us tools to use at home to rekindle our relationship. We will always be grateful for the time, help and passion that Ruth gave us.

Elizabeth 17 Jun 2023

Ruth helped me through a period of transformative loss with compassion and understanding. Ruth has an unlimited creative response, so that while we’ve tackled a good deal of difficulty, there has been lightness in the process and I have felt able to return to a sense of myself.

Sarah 05 Jun 2023

Ruth provided a safe space for me to explore some issues from my past, with a warm and gentle approach. She brought me to an awareness I had not had before and I am grateful for her guidance.

Jane Baker 02 Jun 2023

Ruth has been amazing and helped me through some dark periods. I would absolutely recommend her and I know she would be there for me if I needed her in the future. All I can say is thank you Ruth xxx

Shane 18 Oct 2022

Ruth made me feel at ease from day 1. Her approach was friendly and she really understood what I was going through (trauma related anxiety and depression). Ruth gave me new strategies to help me understand what had happened and above all else I can start to be kinder to myself. Ruth worked with me for around 18 months and I can’t thank her enough.

Jessica 21 Jul 2022

I’ve been having counselling with Ruth for almost 2 years now and all I can say is I wish I had found her sooner! She has helped me totally change my life and given me the tools to handle the challenges life can throw.
I live abroad so all of our sessions have been done online and Ruth has always planned our sessions so they’re regular and with my progress in mind.
I honestly can’t thank her enough!

Emily Loveridge 20 Jul 2022

Ruth is a kind and warming character. I started my sessions with a very closed mind but Ruth soon made me feel relaxed and calm. I recommend Ruth to anyone thinking of starting therapy.