Creative Counselling Therapy

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The Creative Counselling I offer is talking therapy integrated with creative exercises.  Counselling and Psychtherapy is creative in its own right and some clients find that talking therapy alone is their preferred choice. Other clients prefer to use creative exercises. No special artistic or creative skills are required from you. The type and frequency of exercises is decided between us as we go along.

creative counselling


the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations

Creative exercises offer opportunities to experience ourselves in a different way, enabling us to access feelings and processes within ourselves which we may not yet have found words to express.  We may come to understand things differently, or may be ‘shown’ something unexpected.

Seeing something expressed outside of our mind in colour, shape and form, or having something tactile to hold and touch, opens out our experience. Sometimes difficult or confusing feelings and thoughts become clearer as they are expressed this way. Patterns which may have been stuck have the opportunity to shift and transform, both in our imagination and in our felt sense.  As a result we experience a new body-mind alignment and new ways of being become possible.

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I offer

  • sandtray therapy
  • An array of anxiety and depression reduction exercises 
  • a variety of art exercises
  • ‘parts of ourselves’ work
  • nature therapy
  • mindfulness exercises
  • voice work
  • singing in nature
  • movement
  • sound therapy exercises and sound journeying
  • visualisation

Quote from a client after a sandtray session:  “I felt tired at the end of the session, and, yet both on my drive home and then in the morning after sleep I had a much clearer and more powerful sense of who I am.  More bounce and energy in my body. More confidence to get out there and into action.”  (volunteered information reproduced with permission)

collage in nature
collage in nature: ‘sugar and feelings’


sand play exercise
sand play exercise
art exercise
art exercise

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